1. The tooling for the injection mold is complete and we have parts for samples NOW!

    Email ceo@nospillcap.com for your samples.

2. John Dunaway liked the product so much he created a jingle for the Oil Cap listen to       it here. Now john has done a You Tube video watch here.

3. Abilities Unlimited of Hot Springs, AR, Inc. is going to be packaging our product.      

   We are proud to be helping this community of great people.

4. The No Spill Oil Cap is going to be featured on a national Radio talk show on April 14         2016 it is the My Cool Inventions show. Please click the link to see the show on and         this link to see the final results for the week.

5. Listen to me tell you about the No Spill Oil Cap in one minute.

6. My Daughter has published her first book " The Charming Bracelet"  and you can go           here to buy. She also has a Blog if you would like to follow her adventures.

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